Chocolate Martini - Great Digestif!

We have created a special recipe to celebrate Easter, It also work perfectly as a very special digestif... - Ready to treat yourself or your friends? 

What you need?
  • 25ml of Sámara Gin
  • 50ml of Hazelnut milk
  • 25ml of whipped cream
  • 10ml of sugar syrup
  • 1 tsp of dark cacao powder
  • Garnish: A bit of condensed milk
  • Garnish: Strawberry
Add  Sámara Gin, Hazelnut milk, whipped cream, the syrup and cacao powder in a shaker and shake vigorously with ice.

How to serve:
1) Put some Cacao powder in a dish that is bigger than the diameter of your glass
2) On the rim of the martini glass put a little bit of condensed milk. 
3) Tip the glass over into the Cacao powder. 
4) Pour with a spoon a bit of condensed milk directly to the martini glass while turning the glass to make a couple of nice circles. 
5) Strain into the glass and garnish with dark chocolate.

Enjoy, Salud

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