Getting to know Sámara

From soft, sandy beaches, to soaring volcanoes and tropical rainforest, Costa Rica has incredible diversity and beauty in its landscapes, plants and flowers. This is the inspiration for Samara Gin with hibiscus, honey and rosehip.

The Costa Rican creators of Samara Gin, Eduardo & Ana, have taken inspiration from the botanicals and flowers of their homeland and brought them together with the British expertise in gin distillation. The result is a beautifully made, floral and evocative gin that transports you to Costa Rica with every sip.   

Samara Gin cocktails

Botanicals & Distillation

Samara Gin is vapour-infused in a copper plated column still, skilfully capturing the fragrances and flavours of the delicate flowers, juniper, fruits and spices.

Hibiscus, rose and elderflower are abundant in Costa Rica and give their uplifting and fragrant personality to Samara Gin. As well as producing fruity rosehips, the floral richness of Costa Rica is also ideal for bees and honey production, which inspires the use of honey to add a touch of sweetness.

Costa Rica is home to almost 5 million orange trees and is known across the world for its fruit and juices, making orange peel an ideal botanical inclusion. Costa Rica is also one of the world’s notable cardamom producers after India and Guatemala, and it is cardamom that gives Samara Gin a balance of spice and adds depth of flavour. 

Botanicals: Juniper, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, rose, elderflower, honey & cardamom 

Tasting Notes

Samara Gin is the perfect way to add exotic and floral character to your gin collection or back bar, and the ideal way to impress those asking to try something a little different to the classic G&T:

Nose: Fragrant, uplifting and bold. Abundant florals are layered with hints of honey sweetness and orange peel. 

Palate: Bright, floral and smooth, with hibiscus and rose alongside juniper and undertones of cardamom. Orange peel, rosehips and honey intertwine for candied fruit notes.

Finish: Light, soft and lingering, with bittersweet hints of orange peel, honey and elderflower.

Perfect Serves

Samara Gin - Perfect Serves

Samara Gin & Tonic

Samara Gin’s floral botanicals pair beautifully with classic tonics and elderflower tonics, as well as a range of garnishes:

  • Strawberries: Add fruitiness, balance with the subtle honey sweetness, and bring out the character of the rosehips.
  • Pink Grapefruit: Add a fruity citrus edge and highlight the orange peel.
  • Also Try: Blueberries, mint or thyme

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