The perfect serve...

We talk about so many recipes in this blog to create and enjoy beautiful and tasteful cocktails but sometimes we forget how great is to try Sámara gin neat and enjoy the wonderful botanicals by itself. We thought in writing today about the perfect serve.

For some of you that doesn't know, Sámara gin is a London dry gin that has a floral profile, the main botanicals in our drink are Hibiscus, roses and elderflower. Then it contains other magical botanicals like orange peel and cardamom that balances and add depth to the flavour.

It is important to taste Sámara gin neat but when it comes to the perfect serve, we recommend to use a good quality of Mediterranean tonic using the following proportion:

  • 50 ml of Sámara gin.
  • 100 ml of Mediterranean tonic.
  • Lots of ice.
You could use a different range of garnishes depending the taste that you are looking for. 
Add strawberries to deliver some fruitiness, balance with the subtle honey sweetness, and bring out the character of the rosehips.
Add pink grapefruit to add a citrus edge and highlight the orange peel.
Also try mint or thyme to bring out all the floral notes.
London dry gin


Serve in a copa de balón glass with lots of ice.

Salud and we hope you enjoy:) ☺️😋

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