London Dry, London?

There are around 6 types of Gin:

  • London Dry Gin is what most people think of as “gin.” They are typically very dry, heavily juniper flavoured, light in body, and aromatic. To get the flowery, botanical flavour, this style of gin is typically infused with various aromatic ingredients during the distillation process. Doesn't have to be made in London. :)
  • Plymouth Gin is a less dry cousin to London Dry Gin that must be made in Plymouth, England. Infused with more roots, this style of gin has an earthier flavour with softer juniper notes than other styles.
  • Genever or Dutch gin is very different in color and taste to the other types of gins. Unlike most gins which are made with a combination of cereal grains, genever is made from a base of malt grains which gives it a darker color and flavour that is more similar to a light-bodied, botanical whiskey.
  • Old Tom Gin is a sweeter cousin to London Dry Gin and is appropriately names as it was the preferred gin in a Tom Collins.
  • New American or International Style Gin is an umbrella term used to refer to all of the new styles of gin that use the same base distilling process but are predominantly infused with flavours other than juniper berries.
  • Sloe Gin, a historic style, with neither legal nor geographic protection, sloe gin is a flavoured gin, using sloe, or blackthorn, berries, along with sugar. Sloe gin is more of a fruit cordial or a liqueur than it is a true gin.

Sámara is a London Dry gin, it is four times vapour-infused with a mix of botanicals that create a crisp and unique flavour 🌺🌺🌺.

Artisan Gin

So, next time you are having a Gin, check for its style, it will tell you a lot about how it was made. There are different definitions, but in general these are the main differences. 

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