Tasting like a pro...

How to confidently taste your Gin like a Pro in 3 easy steps 😉:

1) Pick you glass. ➡️  Look for a stemmed glass that curves inwards, a small wine glass, for example can work. The right glass enables the air to circulate so you can easily pick up the aromas

2) Smell it. ➡️ Swirl your glass to mix air with Gin. then, place the glass under your nose and breathe in. What you smell first will be the top notes.

3) Taste it. ➡️ Take a sip and keep it in your mouth, swirling it around. This should tickle your taste buds, allowing the full flavour to reach every part of your tongue. Now it’s time to swallow. As you do, continue to think about what it tastes like and consider whether there is an aftertaste.

Now you have tasted the Gin neat, you can add a bit of water (few drops) and try it again. This will help you taste the botanicals without the sharp taste of alcohol 🌺.

Next time you are getting a new Gin, make sure you taste it before you mix it! 

London dry gin

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