Sámara Gin celebrating our Costa Rica Heritage

We celebrate our heritage with a range of products that are inspired by Costa Rica, our nature, colours, flavours, smells, and of course our culture.

From the Pacific coast to the Caribbean side, our beaches, our valleys, mountains and volcanos for the perfect mix of botanicals to create Sámara Gin.  


Sámara Volcano Coffee Beans Gin celebrates the Costa Rican Heritage of "El Grano de Oro" also known as The Golden Bean. This gin embodies its namesake and is full of bold and warming coffee notes. 

Product details: 
· Hand-crafted London dry gin 
· Inspired by Costa Rica with ingredients commonly found there, including coffee beans, orange peel and angelica. 
· 4x vapour-infused to create a bold and warm flavour 
· 40% ABV 
· Made in the UK 

Nose: Earthy undertones of roasted medium coffee beans mixed with citric.
Palate: Warm with full bodied earthy notes alongside juniper, angelica and orange to create a well-balanced Rooty and spiced dry fruit profile. 
Finish: Bold and warm. 

· Volcano Coffee beans 
· Orange peel 

G&T? Perfect! Pair Sámara Gin Volcano coffee beans with a premium light tonic in a 1:2 ratio. Garnish with Orange Peel and Thyme or rosemary.

Tropical Fruits Gin

This gin is an exotic blend of tropical fruits that refresh the mind and body with it's perfectly balanced flavour from the pacific and the Caribbean coasts. 

Product details: 
· Hand-crafted gin 
· Inspired by Costa Rica with ingredients commonly found there, including pineapple, coconut and passion fruit 
· 4x vapour-infused to create a fresh, smooth and exotic flavour 
· 40% ABV 
· Made in the UK 

Nose: Pleasingly fresh, fruity and exotic with a hint of sweetness. 
Palate: Coconut and pineapple with undertones of juniper and coriander that when blended with natural passion fruit extract, delivers a very well combination of exotic flavours. 
Finish: Soft and lingering, with bittersweet hints of pineapple and passionfruit. 

· Passion fruit 
· Coconut 
· Pineapple 

G&T? Perfect! Pair Sámara Gin with a premium light or Mediterranean tonic in a 1:2 ratio. Garnish with a nice tropical fruit to boost the fruity flavour or pink peppercorn.

sámara Floral Gin

Sámara Floral Gin is the first in the family. This well balance London dry gin combines the essence and biodiversity of Costa Rica in a beautiful, crisp and smooth Gin. 

Product details: 
· Hand-crafted London Dry gin 
· Inspired by Costa Rica with ingredients commonly found there, including hibiscus, elderflower and honey 
· 4x vapour-infused to create a crisp, bright, exotic and bold flavour 
· Complex florals with hints of honey sweetness, cardamom and orange peel 
· Smooth, soft and light on the palate 
· 40% ABV 
· Made in the UK 

Nose: Bright and bold. Complex florals with hints of honey sweetness. Balanced with cardamom spice with orange peel. Perfumed and fragrant. 
Palate: Bright with floral high notes and juniper. Orange peel and honey combine for candied fruit notes alongside elderflower. · Mouthfeel: Smooth, soft and light. 
Finish: Light, lingering, floral and smooth. 

· Hibiscus 
· Rose 
· Elderflower 
· Orange peel 
· Rosehips 
· Honey 
· Cardamom 

G&T? Perfect! Mixing with tonic further accentuates the florals and develops an exotic feel. Try Sámara with a premium light tonic, we recommend Mediterranean, to preserve the floral flavours.

The Gin to my tonic Partnership

Sámara Gin has partner with The Gin To My Tonic (sponsored by Fever tree) for the exclusive launch of the Tropical Fruits and Volcano Coffee Beans Gin in the UK market. 

We celebrate this partnership as a recognition from this industry leader to work alongside Samara Gin to bring these exotic flavours to the UK Gin lovers! 

thanks from ana

After moving to the UK and after sharing about our origins and our country with our new friends, we realised people immediately falls in love about the stories from Costa Rica, its culture, its nature and its people.... with this in mind, we decided to create a Gin the mixes the talented UK master distillers with the flavours of Costa Rica, and the inspiration to bring Costa Rica closer to the UK was our north star to create Sámara Gin. 

We hope you enjoy Sámara Gin as much as we do.... Pura vida,

want to know more? Contact us!

We are currently looking to bring Sámara closer to the European consumers, if you are looking for a differentiated and exotic Gin to transport your customers and consumers to the tropics, please reach out...
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