Our Flavour Profile

Nose: Bright and bold. Complex florals with hints of honey sweetness. Balanced with cardamom spice with orange peel. Perfumed and fragrant. 

Palate: Bright with floral high notes and juniper. Orange peel and honey combine for candied fruit notes alongside elderflower. 

Mouthfeel: Smooth, soft and light.

Finish: Light, lingering, floral and smooth.

Looking for something special?

Sámara Gin brings a truly exotic and tropical twist to your Gin selection. 

We have carefully selected the botanicals from common flowers and ingredients that flourish in the happiest country in the world to bring you Costa Rica in a bottle. 

You will be inspired by this beautiful country with every sip.

Our customers are talking!

Genuinely the best gin I have ever had. Delicate, easy to drink and a must try. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.
- L. J. Smith
Awesome gin, great taste, fully recommend to try it. I will definitely keep buying this one!
- L. Rimolo
Really pleased with this gin. If you think u tried it all well think again. What a tasty gin.
- L. Ridding
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