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Sámara Gin - Inspired by Costa Rica, 70 cl + 1 beautiful Sámara gin Copa Glass + Free Rose Petals Bag

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Sámara Gin is a hand-crafted London Dry gin inspired by the sights and smells of beautiful Costa Rica. Made in the UK, our gin is four times vapour-infused with a mix of botanicals that create a crisp and unique flavour.

We have carefully selected the botanicals from common flowers and ingredients that flourish in Costa Rica. Delight your senses with ingredients such as hibiscus, roses, honey and elderflower. Feel yourself transported to the tropics with Samara Gin. It is Costa Rica in a bottle!

Product details:

  • Hand-crafted London Dry gin
  • Inspired by Costa Rica with ingredients commonly found there, including hibiscus, elderflower and honey
  • 4x vapour-infused to create a crisp, bright, exotic and bold flavour
  • Complex florals with hints of honey sweetness, cardamom and orange peel
  • Smooth, soft and light on the palate
  • 40% ABV
  • Made in the UK


    • Nose: Bright and bold. Complex florals with hints of honey sweetness. Balanced with cardamom spice with orange peel. Perfumed and fragrant.
    • Palate: Bright with floral high notes and juniper. Orange peel and honey combine for candied fruit notes alongside elderflower. 
    • Mouthfeel: Smooth, soft and light.
    • Finish: Light, lingering, floral and smooth. 


    • Hibiscus
    • Rose
    • Elderflower
    • Orange peel 
    • Rosehips
    • Honey
    • Cardamom

    G&T? Perfect! Mixing with tonic further accentuates the florals and develops an exotic feel. Try Samara with a premium light tonic, we recommend Mediterranean, to preserve the floral flavours.

    Garnish: Try Mint, Thyme, strawberries or Pink Grapefruit as garnish to enhance the profile.   

    Samara Gin - What inspires you?

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